Alma — An interactive tool for pregnant people to plan the terms of their labor and delivery.

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Alma is an ongoing project and beta testing will begin in 2018.

Alma is an interactive tool for expectant parents to learn about labor & delivery procedures, plan the terms of their birth experience, and share their plan with their birth team.

In the United States, hospital births often resemble an assembly line in which people in labor are rarely offered options of the procedures they receive, despite those options being available. New parents are often not provided with well-rounded and nuanced information when planning their labor and delivery, and often receive treatment they are not aware is risky or simply optional.

We designed a birth planning tool that is customizable and easily shared with family members and birth attendants. The tool walks users through the latest advice from a wide range of birth advocates in order to make them feel confident, prepared, and in control. By creating a system of resources to empower people to make informed decisions about their birth plan, we can reduce the frequency of risky, expensive, and unnecessary intervention during labor and delivery.